I asked Terry to pop round and have a look at creating some shelving for me in my kitchen for my very heavy cookery books. I was keen to match the colour with a beautiful dark brown Ercol sideboard that would sit beneath the shelving. I had looked everywhere for something substantial that could sustain the weight but that would also beautifully match my furniture. I was not able to find anything that I liked or that was suitable.


Terry came round, measure up and showed me the vast selection of different colour and styles to choose from. Terry checked the size of my books so that he could create several shelves that would be sure to fit them all perfectly. Within a few weeks, he came over to make and fit them. It was all so straight forward and easy. No mess and completed in no time at all. I was also pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost was for making bespoke shelving.


Now I have lovely shelves that match my sideboard and are a home for my very beautiful and much-used cookery books.

Mel and Jorge,